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            15 July 2015

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            Telephone Hotlines & Helplines

            While visiting a new country, one may come face to face with situations requiring assistance. It always helps to keep a note of the telephone hotlines & helplines valid in the country.
            Be it a call for medical help or the police, keeping a list of emergency phone numbers is a good idea.
            Here we provide you with a list of important emergency phone numbers in China that can prove to be of great help during exigencies.
            Listed below are telephone hotlines & helplines in Hunan that can be quite useful.
            ① Hotlines for Public Services
            Legal Service  12348
            Tourism Services 12301
            Provident Fund 12329
            Health Services 12320
            Labor and Social Security 12333
            Postal Service 11185
            Post Code Inquiry  184 
            Railway Station 12306
            Telecom Customer Service 10000
            Unicom Customer Service 10010
            Mobile Customer Service 10086
            China Construction Bank 95533
            Bank of China 95566
            Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 95588
            Agricultural Bank of China 95599
            Postal Savings Bank 95580
            Traffic Service 96196
            Meteorological Service 12121
            Highway Customer Service 96777
            Employees’ Aid 12351
            Taxation Service 12366
            Cable Television 96296
            ② Emergency Numbers and Helplines
            Convenience Service Center 12345
            Public Security 110
            Changsha Police QR Code:
            Firefighting   119
            Emergency Medical Aid 120
            Telephone Directory 141
            Red Cross Emergency Medical Aid 999
            Lift Emergency Rescue 96333
            Forest Firefighting 95119
            Maritime Search and Rescue 12395
            Road Traffic Accident 122 /Traffic Police
            Electric Power Customer Service 95598
            Police Short-message Alarm 12110

            ③ Hotlines for Complaint and Reporting
            Consumer Rights and Interests Protection 12315
            Price Supervision 12358
            Environmental Incidents 12369
            Quality Supervision 12365
            Employee Rights and Interests Protection 12333
            Bus Service 84127641
            Tourism Incidents 12301
            Rights and Interests Protection in Postal Sector 12305
            Food and Drug Security Incidents 12331
            Incidents in Cultural Sector 12318
            Chinese source:hunan.gov.cn