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            15 July 2015

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            China Longzhou Tournament (Changsha Stop) 2019 to Open

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            The 2019 China Longzhou (Dragon Boat) Tournament (Changsha Stop) Press Conference is held in Changsha on April 11.
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            With a history of more than 2,000 years, Longzhou (dragon boat) race is a Chinese mass recreational activity featuring rich traditional folk culture. This year, more than 1,130 athletes from 50 teams across the country will participate in the China Longzhou Tournament (CLZT) 2019, which is to be held on the Liuyang River Furong District Section in Changsha between April 20 and 21.
            Founded in 2011, the CLZT is the national highest level competition of its kind, with the highest competitive level and prize money. 
            This year marks the 3rd consecutive year that the CLZT opens in Furong District, Changsha. Racers will be divided into professional men’s teams, professional women’s teams, elite teams, youth men’s teams, and youth women’s teams. They will compete in various events including 100-meter, 200-meter, 500-meter, and 1000-meter races. The reappearance of professional women’s teams and the elite teams will be a highlight of the event, after the suspension last year.
            In addition, for the first time, 1000 meters round-trip race will be added into the qualification match this year, which is more in line with the requirements of international dragon boat competitions. It aims to cultivate more female and long-distance racers for the national dragon boat teams, and lay a solid foundation for the future participation in international dragon boat competitions.
            “Changsha is the 50th stop of the CLZT since its inception. Special folk culture performances will be staged at the tournament’s opening ceremony,” said Su Jianquan, deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Sports Bureau. The CLZT Organizing Committee launched an “I want to be on CCTV” audition in advance, to collect mass cultural programs with Hunan folk culture characteristics. A grand dragon boat carnival, including dragon boat races on the river and dragon dance performances on the shore, will be presented to the audience.
            Source: en.changsha.gov.cn