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            15 July 2015

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            Part of Changde Wall Paintings Debut

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            The photo, taken on February 25, 2019, shows citizens view fresco works at Chuwanglou Section of Changde Yuanjiang Scenic Belt. The works are part of the project of Changde Wall Paintings, which is 3.756 kilometers in length. More than 100 artists from all over the country have been invited to create 120-plus frescos. Now 12 mural paintings were installed on the flood embankment on the south bank of the Yuanshui River. A total of 60 are expected to be installed this year. (Photo/Tian Chao, Hunan Daily)  
            This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. www.5082986.com.
            Translator: Xiao Juan
            Chinese source: hunan.voc.com.cn