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            15 July 2015

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            Six Years of Progress for Key Project Protecting Xiangjiang

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            On the afternoon of February 22, in Zhuzhou, Du Jiaohao, secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, presided over the first 2019 plenary meeting of the Xiangjiang River Protection and Governance Committee. He mapped out the third “Three-year Action Plan” for the Hunan “No. 1 Key Project” for Xiangjiang Protection and Treatment. 
            Relevant officials from the Hunan Ecology and Environment Department, the Hunan Water Resources Department, and 8 cities along the Xiangjiang spoke. They promised to take Xiangjiang River protection and governance as their most important task, and to fully implement the action plan, so as to build beautiful urban and rural areas with clear rivers and lakes, and verdant riverbanks.
            They also summarized the achievements made in the past six years. 
            Hunan Ecology and Environment Department: the water quality of the Xiangjiang Basin is generally excellent;
            The Hunan Water Resources Department introduced the “River Chief” system which consists of managers who govern waterways;
            Changsha: plays a role as the capital city in water pollution control and improved water quality rating of Xiangjiang main stream and major tributaries to 95.7%;
            Zhuzhou: closed 1,510 polluting enterprises; 
            Xiangtan: took the lead in relocating heavy chemical companies;
            Loudi: took serious measures to implement environmental management in the Xikuangshan mining area;
            Yueyang: now has more than 240,000 wintering aquatic birds, the largest population in the past 10 years;
            Chenzhou: water quality rating for sections of the Xiangjiang fully complied with national standards;
            Hengyang: has promoted prevention and control of water pollution, water resource management, and water ecological protection. It has implemented the most stringent water resource management, water source protection, and regulatory enforcement. “Three red lines” assessment indicators performed better than provincial targets, creating the “Hengyang Model” and “Hengyang Experience” for water-related joint law enforcement; and,
            Yongzhou: implemented the most stringent water resources management to protect the source of Xiangjiang.
            This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. www.5082986.com.
            Translator: Xiao Juan
            Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn